Kit. 17. Australian. House Stark/Targaryen, Proud Gryffindor, one of the 100, Shadowhunter. Cosplayer. Roleplayer. Writer.

I may or may not be an owl.

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Fall Like A Guillotine

Kneel Before Your Queen

Someone actually just made one of those passive aggressive stereotypical teenager statuses about me.


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Am I going to unfollow the next person to make one of those posts complaining passive aggressively about Albus Severus’ name? Quite possibly. Sue me.

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Am I the good slayer now?

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clarke griffin + surgical and deadly


Whedonverse Appreciation | Winifred Burkle
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A Hole In The World

Moonlight spilled off the polished surface of the boy’s violin as he turned to lay it down on top of the wardrobe, the bow beside it. When he turned back to her, he was smiling. I should have introduced myself earlier,” he said. “I’m James Carstairs. Please call me Jem—everyone does.”

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I will actually pay the entire Harry Potter fandom to shut the fuck up about Harry naming his son Albus Severus. WE GET IT. YOU DISAGREE WITH IT. NOW SHUT UP. YOU’VE BEEN COMPLAINING ABOUT NOTHING ELSE FOR YEARS.